Top 10 benefits of cloud hosting

Strata housing is the buzzword in town. The reason behind this is its ease of scalability, flexibility and stop performance. There are many benefits that strata servers offer compared to traditional hosting.

  1. Flexible pricing: With traditional housing, you must guarantee a fixed amount regardless of whether you are using the goods or not. This is not the case with strata hosting. Here you pay only for what you use. Its flexible pricing structure is one of the essential reasons for its fresh boom.
  2. Light to advanceServer in the Aliyun stratum is one of the players in the market that allows you to see the performance of your site in positive time. This way you have a better knowledge about how your business is doing. You can easily advance your server assets without having to wait for any approval.
  3. Server environmentWith traditional hosting, your site is hosted on a single server. Imagine if little happens to that server, all your data is lost, in seconds. Without blocking, in the case of stratum hosting, you are provided with a redundant server environment. It will be backed up in case of emergency.
  4. Downtime uptimeStrata hosting has a very high uptime. It is much faster than traditional hosting. In traditional hosting, your site uses the power of a single server. But in the case of stratum hosting, you are practically using too many servers at the same time. Thus, your site could face an unexpected increase in traffic.
  5. Fast configuration processIf you are using a traditional server, it takes little time for your site to be active. This time can vary from a few hours to even a day. Without lock-in, the setup process is super fast with strat hosting. Your site will be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  6. No hardware problemsOn the one hand, a physical server has to deal with many problems, such as a ransomware attack, hardware failures, system overload, etc. On the other hand, the server on the stratum has no such problems. It is eventually free from all the problems of a physical server.
  7. Improved website speedIf there is a website A that is hosted on a physical server and another website B is hosted on a server in the layer, then the speed of A will be much faster than that of B. However, things still depend on the type of website and the location of the final heir.
  8. The Best Option for a Site with Stopped TrafficAs already said, the server in the stratum can better sort the traffic. If your website has to contend with an unexpected increase in traffic, then there is no better option than a strat server. The stratum hosting allows you to extend or shorten the assets of your server according to your needs.
  9. Light to order your serverWhen strata housing was new on the market, it took some technical expertise to manage it. However, we have come a long way. Now, ordering hosting on the stratum has become simpler compared to physical hosting.
  10. Reduced environmental impactA stratum server relies very little on physical components. This is why the environmental impact decreases significantly when using a strat server. With strata hosting, you are using very few data centers. It is one of the best forms of hosting in this gestation.