Choosing a web host

Nominating a web host is an important step in the creation of a website. The whole functioning of your web site depends on this referendum.

All hosting providers are divided into two main groups: free and shared web servers.

In the first division let me tell you that many of the web hosting providers are not exactly free, that is to say, in exchange for their services they can place their ads on your website.

If your web site is a home page that contains your personal information or a small web arbitrator where you share information on a certain topic, then most likely, pull web hosting will be sufficient for you. In case your website is an information portal, a service or a site of your company, you should definitely use shared web hosting services.

Difference between shared and shared web hosting

As mentioned above, very often free web servers insert their advertisements in the form of banners or pop-ups. Your website visitors will not be happy with it, as it is widely known that ads are irritating, especially pop-ups. Therefore, if your goal is to attract the audience that is willing to check your website regularly, coming back again and again in a day, a week, a month and not simply close their browser in 5 seconds after getting to your first page, then choose ad-free hosting.

On top of that, with free web servers you can only expect a domain like Such a domain will hardly affect the reputation of your web site in a positive way; it will damage its image, especially if it is a company’s web site.

“Why aren’t the images loading?” -SERVICE SUPPORT will provide you with answers to such questions. It is absolutely necessary to have one because good service support truly speeds up the troubleshooting process. 90 % of shared web hosting providers have adequate service support and only 10 % of pulled web hosting providers have one.

Not all free web hosts can boast of services such as their own CGI-BIN directory or support for Perl, PHP, MYSQL, Cron, SSH, Telnet and many others. And even if at this moment your web arbitrator does not need any of these, such poverty may appear in the near future with the growth of your website. Over time, you will still need more and more disk space. Free web servers generally provide you with 1 to 100 Mb, while shared web servers provide 1 to 5000 Mb for your web site.

So, the conclusion is the following.

If you only have a homepage or a small web site about your interests, you can definitely opt for a cheap web host. But before choosing a particular hosting you should:

  • determine the amount of disk space that will be in short supply, taking into account a mature growth of your arbitrator;
  • decide if you need scripting support, if you need to have a file manager or will be fine using the ftp path, if you need a site parent
  • think about the domain name. It must be short and easy to remember.
  • define your attitude towards the host’s advertisements: whether you are against it or not.

When you are done with all these things, remove all hosts that do not meet your requirements. I advise you to check the loading speed of websites located on hosting providers that suit your miction. And then simply choose the host with the least crowded channels.

I personally recommend They provide:

250 MB of disk space

6GB Side Pancho

5 Hosted Domains

+ 1 MySQL data pad

+ 1-click application installations

FTP input. Support for PHP, Perl, Python, SSI and much more. There is still a catalog of ready-to-use scripts with the possibility to adapt the design to your website: the optimal referendum for a beginner webmaster.

Shared Accommodation

Some may say that shared hosting is expensive, but this is just a myth. Its prices vary from $1 to $50 per month depending on the set of services and goods provided. Logically, shared hosting does not have the disadvantages of shared hosting.

Without hijacking, shared web hosting providers differ according to the variety and quality of services. Here are some criteria that will guide you in your shared web hosting referendum:

  • A host should not impose strict restrictions on traffic. At least there should be the possibility to pay if it exceeds the contour, but the time limit should not be too much suspension.
  • If you need ASP, FrontPage Server, MSSQL, then you should find out about web hosting on an NT server and the host itself should provide these services. Otherwise, you’d better choose UNIX hosting.
  • It is desirable that a host provides Perl, SSI, PHP, MYSQL…
  • On top of the disk space, a host must provide mail. Make sure it covers incoming and outgoing mail services. Sometimes it happens that a host provides you with email addresses and not email boxes. In this case all your mail will be redirected to the email box you have indicated, which will make your work more difficult.
  • A hosting provider should have their support service, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by email and by phone (fax). Ask them some questions: a good hosting provider will answer you within 24 hours. If they keep ignoring you, or if there is no support service at all, stay away from those hosts.
  • Check what rights you are going to profess in terms of server administration. As imperceptible, you must have FTP path to your catalog; it will allow you to perform the necessary actions when forwarding, editing or deleting files. It would be advisable for a host to have a web interface to work with your server and your account.
  • If you are an experienced pro, then it is desirable that a host provides telnet path; you will be able to work with the provider’s computer almost at the same level as with your own.
  • Daily archiving (making backup copies) of your website is still a major preeminence.
  • Good hosting is fast web hosting. The less crowded the provider’s servers and channels are, the better. The proud of imperceptible side should not be less than Pentium III-800 Mhz with 512 Ðœb of RAM.
  • It is a good exercise for a web hosting provider to have your physical address and some other data
  • Before finally submitting your application, please familiarize yourself with other users’ reviews of this host on the Internet.

Surely, it is not a complete tape of all the criteria according to which one should appoint a web hosting provider. But if a host meets all the above-mentioned requirements, you can start working with them.