5 mistakes everyone makes when choosing a cheap web host

Web hosting is little that we all need to get our websites in order to have our websites in confinement. It is one of the most important decisions you make for your website because it can make or break your success if you choose the wrong web hosting provider. To help you make your life lighter, I have compiled an inventory of the top 5 mistakes everyone makes when nominating a financial web host.

1. Nominate free housing options

Sure, you can’t beat the price, but is free hosting really adequate? Often, it’s the cheapest companies that offer a free hosting plan to entice people to sign up. They overload the server with thousands of other websites that make your site run very gradually. On top of this, hackers take advantage of the free hosting to try to hit other sites; it is not uncommon to guess that a free hosting website has been hacked.

2. Buy reseller hosting for multiple websites

Often, people run two or more websites. Commonly, we have our company websites (or many business sites) attached with our personal site. What many people don’t realize is that modern hosting accounts can handle an unlimited amount of additional domains, which means that you don’t need a reseller account to have more than one website hosted. Some expensive companies still try to rip customers off by allowing them only one website on the account, but you should give yourself an envy by looking for unlimited hosting.

3. Buying hosting through your web design company

Many web design and web enhancement companies seek to offer value-added services to their clients. Many of the clients may not be technically savvy and web design firms charge high premiums for basic services; often reselling shared accounts that cost them a few dollars. Other design firms are hosting client websites on their own dedicated server. This is a bad vote because they may not have the technical expertise to run a server.

4. Nominating hosting through the domain registrar

Like web design companies, many domain registrars such as GoDaddy and Namecheap now offer web hosting services. While these are excellent places to register a domain, many people complain about the unreliability of the services. GoDaddy in particular stands out as having a very inflexible service that is not welcoming to webmasters. It is always better to nominate a company that is a hosting company first and foremost.

5. Registering domains through your hosting company

While many web hosting companies offer a free domain with your hosting (although usually only for the first year), web hosting companies are notorious for having high domain registration fees. For example, HostGator, if appropriately a fantastic company, charges $15 per domain, while you can buy the same domain for only $9 on Namecheap. On top of that, web companies try to charge $10 or more for domain privacy, which comes arbitrary with many domain registrars.

The secret points to take away from this article are to nominate a dedicated hosting company for your hosting and a dedicated domain registration company for your domains.