FTP hosting for architects

Transfer of designs and drawings via the Internet

The problem of transferring large plans or designs over the Internet is a global problem for architects. As an architect, you need a safe and secure medium to send large digital files to clients and customers. It is observed that the process of sending files from one computer to another often ends when the file size exceeds the limit. To overcome this obstacle, you can split a single large file into several small files and send them by e-mail as an attachment. Clients or customers receiving the files will integrate the parts to get the innovative content of the excel file.

For architects, the process is not zero fit. Dividing the digital format of a plan or design into several parts and then integrating them to obtain the innovative image can create problems for clients. Moreover, it is not desirable for the client or customer to be able to efficiently integrate the parts. While it is true that commercial organizations are more familiar with e-mail services to communicate with customers, e-mail is not the appropriate medium for large files.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) hosting service can be the right choice for architects to transfer large digital designs and plans on the World Wide Web, keeping the content unchanged. For an architect it is necessary to exchange information (text and/or image) with clients and help the security of business content. The FTP hosting service not only ensures the proper transmission of large files over the Internet, but also restricts unauthorized third parties from attacking the information.

Why FTP for architects?

Whether it is a large architectural firm or a home-based business, File Transfer Protocol is a communication protocol suitable for transferring images and sensitive content, regardless of file size and type. Architects use FTP as a suitable way to transfer large files:

  • Multimedia presentation
  • Interior and exterior designs
  • Teacher plan, draft and design
  • Confidential financial data
  • Consulting

FTP hosting services come with all the features, which are sufficient to transfer designs and images across a given network. An architect requires a suitable medium not only to exchange business communications with clients, but also to share information and designs in digital format.

Just think of a secure space on the server, allocated only for your business and only authorized customers can access the information from there. The FTP hosting service provider will allocate the necessary space on the server according to the requirements of your business process. Files are exchanged between remote computers through this server.

Architects use the FTP hosting service to develop a 3D preview of the building for the client, to show the audio and/or video presentation of a dissertation and to exchange password-protected plans and designs. The alternative of using a manifest or secure FTP server is based on the requirement. It is recommended to use a private FTP hosting service to protect the privacy of the design and content from rivals. Following the FTP hosting service cushion string, it can be argued that the FTP hosting service will allow only FTP account holders to access files from the FTP server.

FTP hosting service features

The selection of a suitable hosting service is important for architects. Compared to a web server, FTP provides maximum security and offers a wide gradation of functions and effects for architects. Transferring designs or video presentations requires a secure medium to aid content privacy. With the Secure FTP Hosting Service, you can transfer password-protected content and images in a compressed file format.

The following are some common features of FTP hosting services:

  • Large storage space on the server
  • FTP software support for uploading files, downloading files and FTP site submission
  • Private FTP account for users in the enterprise system
  • custom directories
  • Daily data backups
  • Unlimited herd manager for file transfers
  • 24/7 technical support

Sound interesting? Sign up for FTP hosting service for your business from a qualified FTP hosting service provider. Initially you will get a trial period to familiarize yourself with the process. The selection of FTP software depends on the computer system you are using in your business. For example, if you are using Mac, it is recommended to go for Fetch FTP; otherwise, for general PC users, the recommended software is WS_FTP Pro or Cute FTP. The FTP hosting service reduces the task of copying information to disk to help with backups. There is no need to use FedEx or other similar services to transfer files to your client. FTP hosting services save you time and money and allow you to transfer or share information in a secure, password-protected manner.